Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Scenario of the Day

Temple of the Deceived

The heroes weren't sure what to expect after following the heading given to them by Captain Sahr. But sure enough, just before high noon the next day, an island emerged from a curtain of rain on the horizon. With the exception of the western beach facing the fleet, the island's coast consisted of steep cliffs and sharp jetties. Dotting the landscape were overgrown ruins peeking out from the cover of the trees, and atop the highest plateau, a grand temple. "This...



There are 87 quests on the Companion.

3793 votes were issued.

Passage Through Mirkwood is the most rated quest, with 222 votes.

The Mmakil is the less rated quest, with 10 votes, help us rate it!

The overall mean rating of the game difficulty is: 5.9

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