Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Scenario of the Day

The Blood of Gondor

In a great victory for Gondor, the city of Osgiliath has been retaken and the river Anduin is once more under the Steward's control. Alongside the Lords Boromir, Faramir, and Alcaron, the heroes fought bravely to recapture the ancient city. With the defeated forces of orcs and evil men retreating eastward, Lord Alcaron had urged Boromir to pursue the scattered enemy. "Don't let a single one of them return to foul the Pelennor again!" Alcaron pleaded. "We should hunt them....



There are 87 quests on the Companion.

3829 votes were issued.

Passage Through Mirkwood is the most rated quest, with 226 votes.

The Long Arm of Mordor is the less rated quest, with 10 votes, help us rate it!

The overall mean rating of the game difficulty is: 5.9

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