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Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Flight From Moria

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Doomed X

If an encounter card with the doomed keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase or in setup, each player must raise his threat level by the specified value.


When an encounter card with the surge keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase or in setup, reveal 1 additional card from the encounter deck. Resolve the surge keyword immediately after resolving any when revealed effects on the card.


The guarded keyword is a reminder on some objective cards to reveal and attach the next card of the encounter deck to the objective when it enters the staging area from the encounter deck, and place them both in the staging area. The objective cannot be claimed as long as any encounter card is attached. Once that encounter is dealt with, the objective remains in the staging area until it is claimed. If another objective card comes up while attaching a card for the guarded keyword, place the second objective in the staging area, and use the next card of the encounter deck to fulfil the original keyword effect. Enemy and location cards attached to guarded objectives do still count their threat while the enemy or location is in the staging area. An encounter card attached to a guarded objective is dealt with in the following method, depending on its card type:

  • Enemy: The enemy leaves play, either by being defeated or as the result of a card effect.
  • Location: The location leaves play, either by being fully explored or as the result of a card effect.
  • Treachery: The treachery's effects resolve, or are cancelled (Treachery cards are immediately triggered when they are revealed.)

Once all encounter cards attached to a guarded objective are dealt with, the players can claim the objective in the manner specified by its card text.


Creating the Quest Deck

This scenario uses multiple stage 2 quest cards. When setup instructs players to "Prepare the quest deck," players must shuffle all stage 2 quest cards together randomly, with side 2A face-up, and place them beneath stage 1. These shuffled stage 2 quest cards are considered to be the "quest deck". Players will progress through stage 2 quest cards until they have won the game; there is no stage 3. Quest cards are not flipped to side B immediately when revealed. Rather, the current quest card is revealed only at the beginning of the staging step of the quest phase. The only exception to this are card effects that reveal and flip a new quest card, such as on Hasty Council.

Bypassing a Quest Card

Players are given the option to bypass some of the quest cards at the end of the combat phase. Bypassing the current quest removes all progress tokens on it, and moves it to the bottom of the quest deck with side 2B face down. Bypassing a quest is optional, and players may choose to stay on each quest card instead of bypassing it.When a quest is completed, players will either add it to their victory display or win the game.

The Nameless Fear

The Nameless Fear is an enemy that cannot engage or be engaged by players. The Nameless Fear is also immune to card effects, which means that it cannot be selected as the target of any card effect, and ignores the effect of any card that would directly interact with it. The value "X" as its , and is a constant variable that is immediately recalculated whenever victory points are added or removed from the players' victory display.

Last Player

Some cards refer to the "last player." The last player is considered to be the player sitting directly to the right of the first player. If there is only one player playing, then that player is considered to be both the first and last player.

Immune to Ranged Damage

Great Cave-troll has the text, "Immune to ranged damage." "Immune to ranged damage" means that characters participating in an attack via the ranged keyword are not able to deal damage to that enemy. (If a ranged character participates in an attack against Great Cave-troll through another means than the ranged keyword, then it is able to damage it and will count its .)

During step 2 of Setup, "Place Heroes and Set Initial Threat Levels", add one resource to each hero's resource pool. Then remove the following cards:
  • Flight From Moria
    • 2x Shadow of Fear
    • 3x A Foe Beyond
  • Hazards of the Pit
    • 2x Crumbling Ruin
    • 1x Dark and Dreadful
    • 1x Sudden Pitfall
    • 1x Dreadful Gap
  • Deeps of Moria
    • 2x Great Cave-troll
    • 1x Orc Drummer
    • 2x Massing in the Deep
  • Plundering Goblins
    • 1x Chieftain of the Pit
    • 2x Undisturbed Bones

To play normal mode, just follow the setup instructions on the quest card.

Basic game

When you play normal mode (or easy mode of course) and if you're new to the game, you can also play the "Basic Game" defined in the core set rules:

Newer players or players who want a more basic experience can play and enjoy the game by not dealing shadow cards during the combat phase. This eliminates an element of surprise that could make the game too challenging for a beginner. Once players are comfortable with this experience, they can then add the shadow effects to make combat less predictable and more exciting.

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