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Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

The Dead Marshes

Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle

FFG official difficulty rating

Players difficulty rating (3.8)

rated by 88 players

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Doomed X

If an encounter card with the doomed keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase or in setup, each player must raise his threat level by the specified value.


When an encounter card with the surge keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase or in setup, reveal 1 additional card from the encounter deck. Resolve the surge keyword immediately after resolving any when revealed effects on the card.


Escape Test

The card "Nightfall" reads: "When Revealed: The first player makes an escape test, dealing 2 cards from the encounter deck. If this test is failed, place 1 resource token on Gollum and raise each player's threat by 2."

When this card is revealed, Tom, the first player, decides to commit owyn (4 ) to the escape test. Tom has the option of committing more than 1 character, but he does not wish to do so. After committing owyn, Tom deals 2 cards from the top of the encounter deck. These cards are the Giant Marsh Worm (which has an escape score of 2, and Through the Mist, which has an escape score of 3). Since the committed of 4 is lower than the total escape score of 5, Tom has failed this escape test. He follows the instructions on the Nightfall card, and places 1 resource token on Gollum and each player's threat raises by 2. Finally, the cards dealt for the escape test are placed in the encounter discard pile.

To make an escape test, a player first commits characters to the test. A character must exhaust to commit to an escape test. Each committed character counts its strength for the test. After committing characters to the test, the players may take actions or play event cards. If a single player is required to make an escape test, only that player may commit characters he controls to the test. If the party is required to make an escape test, all players have the option of committing characters they control to the test. Once the characters are committed, a number of cards (as instructed by the card text dictating the escape test) are dealt from the encounter deck. Many of the cards in this encounter deck have a bold Escape value. Any card that does not have a printed escape value is considered to have a base escape value of zero. When dealing cards for an escape test, ignore all other effects on the dealt cards. Once these cards are dealt, the total committed is compared to the total dealt escape value to determine if the escape test is passed or failed. If the total committed is higher than the total dealt escape value, the escape test is passed, and nothing happens. If the total committed is equal to or lower than the total dealt escape value, the escape test is failed, and the players follow the instructions for failing the escape test from the card that required the test be made. After an escape test, all cards dealt for that test are placed in the encounter discard pile.

Reset the Quest Deck

While playing this scenario, players might be instructed to "reset the quest deck to stage 1B." To do this, the players take the previously defeated stage 1 quest card, and return it to the quest deck as if they are just beginning that stage. Since the quest deck is resetting to stage 1B, the setup instructions on side 1A should not be followed again. Any progress tokens that were on the current quest are removed before the quest deck resets. Progress tokens that were on the active location, however, remain on that location. All other cards, including those in the staging area, remain unchanged.

Q: If a location is revealed after Treacherous Fog (CORE 118) was revealed during the same quest phase, does the revealed location get +1 from the "When Revealed" effect on Treacherous Fog?
A: Yes. The "When Revealed" effect on Treacherous Fog creates a lasting effect until the end of the phase that affects each location in the staging area. This is different from Driven by Shadow (CORE 92) which uses the language "currently in the staging area" when it is revealed and only affects enemies and locations in the staging area at the time it is revealed.
Q: When do "after this enemy attacks" Forced effects like those on Chieftan Ufthak (CORE 90) and Wargs (CORE 85) resolve?
A: These effects resolve immediately after step 4 of enemy attack resolution.
During step 2 of Setup, "Place Heroes and Set Initial Threat Levels", add one resource to each hero's resource pool. Then remove the following cards:
  • The Dead Marshes
    • 2x A Wisp of Pale Sheen
    • 2x The Lights of the Dead
    • 2x Giant Marsh Worm
    • 2x Impassable Bog
    • 2x The Heart of the Marshes
  • Sauron's Reach
    • 2x Eastern Crows
    • 1x Evil Storm
  • Wilderlands
    • 1x Hill Troll
    • 1x Marsh Adder
    • 2x Despair

To play normal mode, just follow the setup instructions on the quest card.

Basic game

When you play normal mode (or easy mode of course) and if you're new to the game, you can also play the "Basic Game" defined in the core set rules:

Newer players or players who want a more basic experience can play and enjoy the game by not dealing shadow cards during the combat phase. This eliminates an element of surprise that could make the game too challenging for a beginner. Once players are comfortable with this experience, they can then add the shadow effects to make combat less predictable and more exciting.

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